15th Anniversary of John Ritter’s Death.

Jonathan Southworth Ritter 15 years without the talented John Ritter. From comedy to drama to horror he was a class act. Best physical comedian to ever exist. We miss him dearly       John Ritter Gone too Soon September 17, 1948 – September 11, 2003  


New Paul McCartney Album: Egypt Station

On Friday Paul McCartney dropped his 17th solo studio album "Egypt Station." After hearing it fully twice I have to say it was a eccentric and fun album overall. It is in no way his best solo album but I enjoyed hearing this new era of McCartney. The album opens up to "Opening Station" and sets... Continue Reading →

Happy 60th Birthday to Tim Burton!

Today Tim Burton was born on August 25, 1958! From the strange and curious movies he's produced to his fun personality. I've loved Tim Burton from a young age and admired his early art from "Oyster Boy" and "Frankenweenie." 🙂 Tim Burton's filmography: Currently: Dumbo (executive producer)  2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass (producer)  2014 Big Eyes (producer)  2013 Captain Sparky... Continue Reading →

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